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Research & Development

Combining innovative product ideas and quick, service oriented action, makes us a stable and successful partner in increasingly demanding markets. We have successfully co-designed and accompanied the technological change in the most diverse areas of application.

The quality of our products and services is exceptionally important to us. This claim takes into account continual revision and adjustment of the existing business processes, and a modern receipt of goods and outgoing goods inspection.

The certification in accordance with DIN EN ISO 9001:2015 takes place in 2016, and will be revised and confirmed by regular internal and external audits.

Epoxy components are the basis for the formulation of high performance surface protection systems. SRS-Meeder sees itself as a system supplier of high performance components, for manufacturing high quality solutions to protect buildings and surfaces.

Apart from the high standard for continual development of in-house product quality, absolute deadline adherence for deliveries inland and abroad, and comprehensive consultation, service features and development services are the priority of the company management. We see ourselves as a solution partner for our customers: together, we are in a position to provide more.

MEEDamine® and MEEDanate® are registered trademarks. Our written and verbal consultation is non-binding, even in relation to third party property rights. This does not exempt us from an extensive inspection of our products regarding their suitability. We are liable within the scope of our General Terms and Conditions.

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