Newsletter No. 2/2020

Oldies but Goldies: MEEDamine® 2100 and 2100 S 

With our second newsletter in 2020 we want to inform you about epoxy hardeners, which are part of our product portfolio for some time, but nevertheless have not lost any of their attractiveness and uniqueness: MEEDamine® 2100 and 2100 S. Nowadays being the only manufacturer of these kind of pure polyamine condensate curatives free of (alkyl)phenols, we are able to offer the mentioned hardeners in unrivaled light-colored quality, of course REACH-compliant! MEEDamine® 2100 is the base hardener, MEEDamine® 2100 S a further accelerated version of the former.

Important features of both products are:

  • Aliphatic raw material base. Means good yellowing resistance (MEEDamine® 2100)
  • Low Active-H-Equivalent Weight (AHEW) which enables convenient mixing ratios with resin components or offers space for further modifications (which we recommend for  MEEDamine® 2100 indeed, to avoid surface defects).
  • Good reactivity, even at low temperatures and resistance to carbamatization.
  • Both curatives are free from benzyl alcohol, phenol, nonyl phenol and alkyl phenols, what offers a manifold of possibilities for use in hardener formulations, which have to be compliant with most actual requirements and regulations.
  • The high density of reactive groups of the polyamine condensates yields a high network density after cure, which is advantageous for resistance properties and mechanical strength of the cured system.

Typical uses apart from colored-quartz applications and low yellowing coatings are especially applications, which demand for low to zero emissions (e.g. German AgBB and EMI-Code regulations).

In addition to the pure polyamine condensates  MEEDamine® 2100 and 2100 S we also offer further modified hardener formulations*, based on these curatives:

MEEDamine® 2601: for premium surface coatings with excellent resistance to carbamatization

MEEDamine® 2633 S: extremely light-colored hardener for emission-free applications

MEEDamine® 2901: hardener system available in different reactivity levels; for self-levelling floorings with optimum allround-properties

MEEDamine® 2911: hardener with a low AHEW, recommended for use in colored quartz

Technical Information Leaflets of our products MEEDamine® 2100 and 2100 S are attached to this newsletter.  

For further information or questions please approach your usual contact person!


*details on these products can be found in our product brochure or on our website at


All recommendations for use of our products, whether given by us in writing, verbally, or to be implied from the results of tests carried out by us are based on the current state of knowledge. Notwithstanding any such recommendations the buyer shall remain responsible for satisfying himself that the products as supplied by us are suitable for his intended process or purpose. Since we cannot control the application, use or processing of the products, we cannot accept responsibility, therefore. The buyer shall ensure that the intended use of the products will not infringe any third party’s intellectual property rights. We warrant that our products are free from defects in accordance with and subject to our general conditions of supply.
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